ORC Sparepads


Transformer for ORC

Transformer for ORC-Exposure device HMW 680 GW

Price: 250,- € from the location

MITSUBISHI control for ORC

MITSUBISHI control for ORC-Exposure device HMW 680 GW

Model: MELSEC F1 - 60MR

Price: 650,- € from the location

WPT ORC water pump

IWY water pump Typ -252 for ORC- Exposure device HMW 680 GW

Price: 150,- € from the location

ORC Heat Exchanger

ORC Heat Exchanger for HMW 680 GW

Price: 300,- € from the location


National PANAPOWER ORC vacuum pump


ORC Vacuumpumpe Model: EM-DBF, No 17

2 pieces available

Price: 450,- € from the location


2 ORC frame

2 ORC Drawer frame an one perforated sheet

Price: 800,- € from the location