wet machining

Air-washer KF

Air-washer KF for approx 5 machines example Etching. stripping, developer, Super performance
Price: 4.000,- € from the location


IS Pump for Pumiflex

IS Pump for Pumiflex # IS 28109 WR
Price: 850,- € from the location

Direct metallization process Ecopact Höllmüller line

Direct metallization process Ecopact CP Höllmüller line Condition very well
Price: 6.000,- € from the locatio


Lowara Pump New !

Lowara Pump New !
Price: 1000,- € from the location


Brush SCHMID with Cecumat with 4 brush 650 mm working width
Price: 3.000,- € from the location

Developers Höllmüller

work width 450 mm (460 mm), with dosing tank
Price: 3.500,- € from the location


Oxygen reactor for acid etching equipment

Oxygen reactor for acid etching equipment for the re-oxidation of Cu (I) to Cu (II) in acidic etchants by mixing in oxygen, designed for up to 5.0 kg Cu / h The interference of oxygen serves as a substitute for the commonly used Oxidizing agents such as hydrogen peroxide or chlorine gas The system ran in the test.
Price: 19.500,- € from the location